18+:   Must have signed waiver. Face protection recommended.

16-17: Must wear full face mask and have waiver signed by parent.

12-15: Must wear full face mask and have parent/guardian on site with a signed waiver.

0-11:  Not allowed


All players need to have full seal ANSI Z87.1 rated goggles, glasses, or full face mask.

Mesh eye protection is NOT ALLOWED.

Eye protection must be worn at all times while outside the staging area.

Full seal glasses/goggles must form around the lens and must contact the skin.

Players under 18 must wear full face protection.

No firing in the staging area. Players may test their weapons at the Chrono range.

"Corpsman" is called for a serious, real life injury on the field.

"Blind man" is called for anyone with eye protection off or any real world issue. Do not call “blind man” for a simple issue that can be fixed quickly.

When a player hears one of these calls, they need to:

Stop fire and gameplay immediately

Remove magazine from weapon

Put weapon on safe

Echo call until player is found

Wait for Admins to resume play

Water: All players must carry water on the field at all times.

Blind Fire: Blind fire is not allowed. Players must be able to see down their sights when firing.

Murder Holes: Players may not shoot through any hole smaller than their head can fit through.


Goggles: Full seal, ANSI Z87.1 rated (no mesh eye protection)

Face protection (if under 18)

Red dead rag at least 10in x 10in

Approved uniform top, bottom, headgear

2 elastic (ACE) bandages, 36+ inches long

Simulation Tourniquet (optional)

Water to be carried during the event

Sidearm if playing DMR, LMG, or Sniper


Bring weapons, eye protection, and an empty magazine to chrono.

AEGs chrono with .20g BBs.

HPA and gas systems chrono with .32g BBs and require a tournament lock on the HPA systems.

DMR, LMG, and Sniper players MUST have a sidearm in order to perform these roles.

Players may only carry one primary weapon at a time on the field.

Players may reload their mags in the field.

Riot shields are NOT allowed.

Players may not engage another player within their weapon’s Minimum Engagement Distance.

There is no Submachine Gun class; SMGs will be classified as rifles.

                                           RIFLEMAN                      DMR                           LMG                            SNIPER 

AEG FPS (.20G BB).           400 (1.5 J)                      450 (1.88 J).               450 (1.88 J)                                 550 (2.81 J)

HPA FPS LIMIT (0.32g)         320 (1.5 J).                   355 (1.88 J).               355 ( 1.88 J)                                 435 (2.81 J)

FIRE MODES                        SEMI                              SEMI                         SEMI, BURST                               BOLT


ENGAGMENT                         0                                      60                             60                                                 100


MAGS ALLOWED              7 MID OR 2 HI                  7 MID OR 2 HI             UNRESTRICTED              UNRESTRICTED

AMMO                                 UNLIMITED.                      UNLIMITED                5000 BB                              UNLIMITED

SIDEARM                              NO                                      YES                           YES                                            YES


RESTRICTIONS                  NONE                               SCOPE BIPOD               SEE BELOW               BOLT ACTION ONLY


Must be a replica of a real steel support weapon. Acceptable replicas include the M60, M249, RPK, & MG36. No rifles with box magazines allowed.

May not fire more than 30 rounds per second.

Only fire out of the first floor of a building if the barrel has broken the plane of the window.

60 ft minimum engagement distance must be observed in all situations regardless of fps/joule rating or fire mode.

Support weapon magazines are not restricted as long as the player carries no more than 5000 BBs on their person at a given time.


Melee kills are allowed with rubber or foam edged weapons.


A player tapped with a melee weapon pulls their dead rag and returns to respawn immediately. Player DOES NOT call “HIT”.

Players must tap enemies and are not allowed to use a stabbing motion.


Kill radius is 15 ft from where the explosive impacts or goes off.

Players are safe from an explosive if they have hard cover between them and the explosive

Hard cover is something a hand cannot go through.

A player is allowed to carry up to 6 projectiles at a time.

Players may only re-arm explosives at a Mobile Aid Station or FOB.

Blank Firing Grenades (BFGs) are NOT ALLOWED!


                                                EQUIP. ALLOWED                 USE AREAS                       HITS                   CARRY LIMITS

FRAG GRENADES &                                       

FLASHBANGS                          ENOLA GAYE EG67 

                                                         TLSFX R2B                                 ALLOWED                         15FT KILL 
                                                   GREEN GAS GRENADES                ANYWHERE                      RADIUS WITHOUT        UNLIMITED
                                                    CO2 GRENADES                                                                        HARDCOVER


                                            TAG ROUNDS              UNLESS FIRING OUT A WINDOW     PROTECTION FROM                        6   
                                                                                                                                                  HARD COVER

SHOWER SHELLS               ALL AIRSOFT                    ALLOWED ANYWHERE                    BB STRIKE,

                                          SHOWER SHELLS                                                                            RICOCHETS  DONT             UNLIMITED


                                               (NO MILITARY SMOKES)               OUTDOORS ONLY                  N/A                                    UNLIMITED
                                               ORANGE MARINA SMOKE


UNIT FACTION: Solid green or any camo pattern EXCEPT black based camo patterns like MC black, Typhon, etc.

MERC FACTION: Solid black, tan, or grey. No patterns allowed.

Uniform top, bottom, and headgear (helmets, hats, etc.) do not have to match each other, but must fall within the colors or patterns approved for the player’s faction.

No red gear or uniforms. Red is reserved for Admins.

Gear color DOES NOT have to match faction colors or patterns.


Players are required to have a red dead rag at least 10 inches X 10 inches.

In low light, the red dead rag can be replaced by a red light or glow stick.

When a player is struck on their person or gear, they must yell "HIT" very clearly and pull out their dead rag.

Dead rags must be easily visible. Hold it high to avoid being over-shot.

If a player has remaining medical supplies, they must wait for a medic or “bleed out” in place for 3 minutes before moving to respawn.

Ricochets:  DO NOT count, except from shower shells.

Gun Hits:  DO NOT count regardless of whether the gun is held, slung, or holstered.

Don’t call other players’ hits. If a player is not being honorable, call for an admin and they will address the issue.

Safety Kills: Opponents do not have to accept a surrender/bang/safety kill.

Melee: A player tapped with a melee weapon pulls their dead rag and returns to respawn immediately. The player DOES NOT call “HIT”.


Medics will be designated and distributed to each faction.

Anyone can be a medic regardless of weapon class.

There are two types of Medics: Field Medics (Yellow Enola Gaye Armband) and Combat Medics (WHITE Enola Gaye Armband).

Both types of Medics can use ACE bandages to revive players.

Only Combat Medics can also use tourniquets to revive players.

Drag rule: Hit players can be moved by two methods:

Physically drag the hit player with NO ASSISTANCE from the hit player.

Two living players carry the hit player shoulder to shoulder.

Players cannot fire while dragging other players

Bandages: Players must have 2 elastic (ACE) bandages at least 3 ft long. These should not be self-adhesive.

Players gain an additional life if they have an Overwatch tactics or JTAC tourniquet.

The tourniquet must be used as the last revive.

Medics must tie the downed player’s bandage completely around the downed player’s arm/leg with no loose ends showing.

Once all of a player’s bandages/tourniquets are used, the final hit requires the player to bleed out and return to the FOB.


All EOD will be identified by an Orange Enola Gaye Armband.They are the only personal that may dismantle I.E.D;s or and bomb type prop. 


Players can respawn at their faction’s Mobile Aid Station or Forward Operating Base.

Forward Operating Base (FOB)

Primary faction base and permanent respawn.

Attackable: NO. Players may not engage or be engaged within 100 ft of their FOB.

Players may reset all of their bandages and tourniquet at the FOB.

Mobile Aid Station (MAS)

Placed closer to the action than the FOB.

Represented by an orange cone with a flag in it.

Attackable: YES

Can be disabled by removing the flag from the cone, placing it on the ground, and contacting their command staff.

Admins will contact commanders with instructions to redeploy their MAS.

Players may reset up to one bandage OR tourniquet, but not their last bandage. Players must return to their FOB in order to remove their last bandage.


Do not move objectives until cleared by faction command or an admin.


Admins: On field admins will be wearing red plate carriers and red shirts. Admins have final say on all decisions and rules.

Players must have their registration armband on at all times. If a player is caught on the field without one and has not registered, they will be asked to leave and will not be allowed at an Overwatch event in the future. BYE, FELICIA!

Have fun and NO fighting!!!!

If there is a physical altercation, involved players will be removed from the event without a refund. Airsoft is a sport of honor and integrity, so please keep it that way. Having fun is our main goal at Overwatch Tactics!